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Re: Forex Adventures
« Reply #30 on: September 14, 2021, 11:46:03 PM »
I have been trying to find the cause of yesterday's 3.2% drop. The signal provider and you did not have this. I never did find the cause. The lot sizes were large (55.03 lots times trades) but the lot sizes have been almost double that.

I also received a call from my Blackbull rep telling me that the lot sizes presented too much risk and gave me a choice between a reduction in leverage to 400:1 and a max of 120 open lots in play or a reduction in leverage to 300:1 without any size limit. I choose 400:1 with the lot limit. I just emailed my rep asking if that:

1. applies to both trading accounts
2. is the lot limit per account or both accounts

I already have two MT4 accounts so I am not considering another account.

I have also reduced the risk multiplier on the Live 1 account to 2x (like you).

I am very suspicious that the basket of trades yesterday was subject to broker interference before they called me.


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