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Official Forum Test Accounts

The table below lists all our current official forum trading accounts. All accounts below are traded by Donna Forex and DO NOT belong to the sellers listed. Stats are updated each weekend.

Please submit requests for live test accounts to Donna via email ( ).

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Current Total On Live Test:  3654.77GBP (4684.32USD)
Current p/l of ALL tests (including blown accounts):  +62.47GBP (80.07USD)
table last updated: 22-April-2017 (updated every weekend)

Forum Topic Time on Test (wk) % growth
(all time)
% growth
(past week)
% current floating dd + biggest dd  Live/demo Stats Notes
Forex ReBorn 9 +46.85 +3.97 0.00 (50.01) LIVE myfxbook Seller stats: $57k live acc, $3k live acc.
Best Scalper 5 +23.87 +1.39 0.00 (8.83) LIVE myfxbook
EzeFX (Eze89)  8 +21.00 +0.03 29.53 (61.47) LIVE myfxbook
VitFX 5 +19.59 +3.26 29.55 (51.88) LIVE myfxbook Seller stats starting July 2016
Forex Real Profit EA 10 +17.60 +4.56 0.00 (4.48) LIVE myfxbook Seller has live stats dating from 2010 available
FapTurbo 3.0 19 +11.82 -3.89 7.32 (33.01) LIVE myfxbook
Cabex + Raybot 6 +7.57 -0.50 1.12 (3.55) LIVE myfxbook Two Phibase robots combined.
EAController 6 +3.74 +2.70 1.18 (4.14) LIVE myfxbook Not for new traders, please see my forum post for info..
EzeFX (CatV8) 9 +2.49 +0.11 0.25 (8.57) LIVE myfxbook CatV8 is just one of many EzeFX EA's. Seller stats from April 2014
Enhancer Signals 19 +1.17 -3.26 0.00 (8.78) LIVE myfxbook This is a MANUAL signal service, it requires attention once every 24 hours. Seller has a 30 day free trial.
FXDiverse 9 0.00 0.00 8.67 (12.71) LIVE myfxbook Seller stats- 2 live accounts
Dux (manual signal) finished -0.10 -0.09 0.00 (2.98) DEMO myfxbook Test discontinued (reason: most signals come at night my time; cannot place trades)
Keltner Pro 10 -4.01 -0.23 0.00 (10.55) LIVE myfxbook
Funnel Trader 4 -68.32 +50.66 27.06 (93.27) LIVE myfxbook

error/changes log:

15/4/17: Added drawdown column
8/4/17: Something wrong with EAController - it's only trading 1 pair out of 4
30/3/17: EA Controller missed two positive trades that should have been copied - my error
25/3/17: Stopped trading Dux signals, 2/3rds of their signals come during the nighttime (European time) so i'm unable to trade this properly.
24/3/17: When starting funnel trader i somehow ended up with a sad smiley in MT4, when i turned it back on the EA closed all open trades, not sure if it was meant to happen but the impact was negligible.
22/3/17: Missed manual signal on Dux, signal got hit within 5 minutes of it being posted so was unable to enter in time
21/3/17: Missed manual signal on Dux, came at 3:30am UK time 
16/3/17: Missed manual signal on Dux which was profitable, due to it happening at 4am my time
15/3/17: EA Controller made losing trades which shouldn't have happened due to configuration error
15/3/17: Missed manual trade signal on DUX which was profitable, due to it happening at 3am my time

note: DonnaForex may earn commissions if you purchase any of the systems above by using the links provided. Please consider doing this where possible as it helps keep our community going and you will benefit from extra help and support from us in return (either via the forum or privately via email). Our tests will be run fairly and accurate records of results can be followed via myfxbook fully verified account links provided.