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VitFX Added to Live Test
« on: March 20, 2017, 12:25:43 PM »
Our live test page is hotting up now, plenty of accounts on the go! On Friday, I added VitFX to the lineup.

View my VitFX live stats page
See all our forum live tests
Visit the VitFX website

VitFX is incredibly easy to setup and only has 3 inputs: username, magic number, and risk (low, medium, high) and only needs to be placed on one chart so it's great for newbies, although note my recently made points about account sizes (you need $5k ideally for this one).

Also with this EA, pay careful attention to the sellers longer term stats and note that it carries floating drawdowns. Don't get drawn in by the balance line (as lovely as it is!), with this style of EA you will need to trade it for the long term - placing it on an account and removing it a week or two (or even a month) later would be a bad idea! On the plus side, the EA has so far locked in reasonable % growths each and every month, and the equity line is rising in line with balance, this effect should become clearer once there is a couple years worth of history.

Screenshot of current seller stats (view full stats here):

If anyone has been trading with VitFX, please share your experiences over on our main discussion topic for the product where the seller is also available to answer questions.
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