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Well-timed. I just moved some funds to BB Markets today so I can follow the signal at 100:1 leverage. The trade history looks real enough to me, but thanks for your red flags. I will proceed with caution.

The long-term average monthly return of 14% has slipped quite a bit in 2021, more like 4% pm at this stage, so not as attractive any more; but let's see what happens.
Traders, Investors

When Traders hindering SL as much as posible,
We HAD it TWICE last week, but im HAPPY LOL (its the breakout box scalping)
Why? Because, we always knock those SL onto NEW HIGH in 1 trading Days :D

Wich mean our portfolio subsidiary proven in live trade,
Expected results of Stagnant Drawdown in Past Performance Porfotlio Tester, using Quant Analyzer is 28 days.

But we prove it on real live trade, Only in single day we recovered :)

Oh ya, the Breakout box EURUSD system is tweaked more, to Avoid Fundamental Uncertain Volatility.
So it would trade less, but with higher profit factor and probabilty.
And risk weighted is adjust to the lowest in this range false breakout session.
We gonna run normal risk whenever Volatilty back to normal.

This is Trading,
This is Statistic

Keep Pumping PIPS
4xplosion or DIY, did any of you two pull the trigger on that signal? It looks decent, however the only flag to me is the shady broker it runs on. There's been a high abundance of shady brokers fabricating histories for usage on signal start. Forex Chief is one of the more notorious ones that has been busted doing this. But if the trades are looking decent, it could be worth a shot for teh cheap price. But those are the flags to me. To nice of a track record. Shady russian/offshore broker. Many unreputable brokers injecting fake histories. And to cheap for what it is.
General Trading Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Discussion
« Last post by fxopen78 on Today at 12:18:58 AM »
Elon Musk again announcing if Tesla will accept Bitcoin again because there are confirmed clean energy usage in Bitcoin mining, there are many comments about this, some comment state if he wants to manipulate the price to push it up and sell Bitcoin later.
update :

Copier can go with :
Alpari RU Pro ECN,
Alpari Trade INT,
are 99% similar feeds

U can go with those three brokers with no worry.

I had tickmill account already, 99% results is the same as Alpari.

Broker list coming updated always.

No GO : FX OPEN <--- dafuqqqq


I think i should open another new master brokers ASAP,
Copier Account is on heavy lift with equity almonst 80.000 USD

But sorry if i have to closed the door for new client whenever total following balance touch 100K,
Might be in the next month IMHO

We will not risking our existing client for liquidity problem

Best Regards

ORD equity
General Trading Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Discussion
« Last post by Eliza Abrams on Yesterday at 12:33:53 PM »
South Africa is looking for ways to regulate the crypto currency market in an effort to curb the growing number of crypto scams, which plague the most developed economy in Africa.

Late last year South Africa was shattered by the collapse of what is described as the country’s largest Ponzi scheme, run by scammers, who presumably traded with bitcoins. The scandal, along with other similar cases of fraud involving digital currencies, forced the local financial authorities to consider tighter and more specific rules for trading the crypto markets.
General Trading Discussion / Re: EUR/USD
« Last post by Eliza Abrams on Yesterday at 12:26:05 PM »
It's testing 1.2100 again, but I wouldn't open a new short before a proper breakout.
Brokers / Re: HotForex
« Last post by drunkfx on Yesterday at 07:04:20 AM »
After switching to cryptocurrency, I believe traders should focus to Forex. Crypto is manipulated by sharks and all theories I leanred are seems useless in crypto field.

Agree, however SMA bounce, technical levels breakouts, support, resistance, price formations like triangles, are very popular in crypto, hence they should work.
General Trading Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Discussion
« Last post by fxopen78 on Yesterday at 12:22:32 AM »
Now, El Salvador becomes the first country that adopted Bitcoin as a legal payment transfer in these country, their society that live on the foreign country can easily to transfer Bitcoin in low cost and faster than wire transfer.

Hurray! El Salvador, where you can buy the entire country for 10 BTC. A very serious banana republic to consider when investing in BTC.

IMF warns of risks after El Salvador adopts bitcoin.

Global Moderator
They take the risk because Bitcoin prices always move up and down, but they still use the US dollar included legal currency because they don't have their own currency. maybe they will face a new problem due to legalized Bitcoin.
General Trading Discussion / Im happy I finally signed up
« Last post by AAAGlennexept on June 11, 2021, 08:53:01 PM »
Im not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up! I'll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back in the future. All the best
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