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Posting Bots Getting Clever
« on: April 26, 2017, 04:05:48 PM »
I have been deleting an awful lot of 'robot' posts lately. There's always been auto-posting bots but it seems they are getting more and more clever and occasionally i'm now ending up deleting the posts of someone new who just happens to have been mistaken for one. I'm not sure even why they are posting in some instances as some of them never seem to go into "ad-mode" (editing posts to include ad links and/or making new spam posts).

If you are new around here and end up getting the wrong end of my robot-stick, then i'm sorry in advance. I'll try verifying users before taking action but if you don't reply to me to let me know you are not a bot then i'm going to cut off posting privileges, please don't be offended if this happens, just drop me a note to say you are a real person and i'll re-instate you - no problems.

For our regular members, if you can hit the report to moderator button on suspected robot-posters it will help me clean things up. I'd much rather us only have 1 post a week that is genuine than a forum full of auto-posted junk.

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