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Please welcome Forex Manager DBA to the forum.


This account manager is offering a deposit guarantee for a few members if you are interested. I'll leave it to them to explain the terms of that.

If you have traded with Forex Manager DBA, please share your experiences in this topic, or ask any questions.

Hello Traders

Please take the time to read this intro as there may well be an opportunity here for you, family and friends.

ForexManagerDBA is our myfxbook profile , aka Forex Manager Team.

We have been trading for almost 15 years and managing forex broker accounts for about 10 years.  Our first large PAMMs were setup in 2009 with the then-largest retail broker.  The PAMMs were highly successful, some over a 1000% profit with ~10% DD.  The broker had b-book type affiliation with LPs and we were highly profitable, therefore our relationship with the broker deteriorated and between 2011 and 2015 the PAMMs were all closed by the broker.  We then focused on our own funds and traded privately for our existing high net worth clients.

Why now go public?
1. The trading opportunity is now too great to pass.  A major upgrade has been made to our strategy - if we weren't before, we are now the best at this style of trading - there is little to no competition - cannot disclose details, but our recent accelerated performance does illustrate this. 
2. Significant increase in compatible platforms and brokers, including the ability to trade alongside clients own trading systems at select MT4 brokers.
3. We have already maximised our own funds and that of our existing clients and yet there is space for more accounts, particularly at select priority venues.

Minimum deposit required per account is $10k USD or equivalent in other currencies.  (Lowered from $100k that was in place for the last 5 years to make this opportunity available to retail traders).

Performance fee is 50%, not negotiable. Invoiced 1-3 times a year only - allows compounding, and provides you with confidence that we are here for the long term.  Many charge a monthly 30-35% performance fee, add indirect fees by increasing spreads and commissions, charge management fees, and yet have a normal low profit factor and poor reward to risk ratios - therefore many investors are likely to be paying more already.

Talk may be cheap, but please keep reading to see how we strive to provide assurance.

What makes our service unique?
1. Arguably the most profitable in both the short and long term, and our team have one of, if not the, longest public verified trading history.
2. No PAMM or MAM, instead we trade directly onto your account, for which you will have full live password access.  Sign our private agreement, open the account in your name, fund it and we trade for you.
3. Some like to use own signals, manual trading or EAs, therefore we will do our utmost to support your own trading on the same account that we trade, even host on our servers if you wish.  Our trades are easily distinguished from yours.
4. At least 10 years experience trading via API on various retail and institutional platforms.
5. Holding times are short and we are flat (no open trades) at least 99% of the time.  Psychologically draining open trade drawdowns don't exist as we do not hold positions.
6. Strategy is a proprietary algo that has a statistical edge without comparison.  Extremely high probability trading, high profit factor, and drawdowns being significantly low in relation to gains.
7. Scaleable for EACH Investor up to $1 million in deposits with the typical forex brokers and more with institutional.
8. Diversify! We encourage diversification with many suitable regulated brokers.  Broker solutions are also available for non-professional status traders affected by ESMA.

GUARANTEED INITIAL DEPOSIT for 6 months or 100% gain - Terms to follow soon.

Guarantee:  We could set aside between $100k to $200k towards guaranteeing new client deposits.  Every 6 months or 100% gain would allow more clients to join with the guarantee.  Any suggestions?  Initially we had thought to cap the guarantee to $20k per new client, but instead we could make it a lump sum value and allocate it on a first come basis - we need a bit more time to finalise the terms.

- The team member responsible for paying out the guarantee is willing to provide the following to Donna:  a signed letter confirming the guarantee terms, along with his KYC docs. If you wish, we can email your forum username, initial deposit amount and full name to Donna as a form of confirmation that you have been accepted for the guarantee.
 - Performance is already verified by our myfxbook, but if thats not enough we could add many more accs and allow Donna to verify some of our own and family accs via TeamViewer.  The name on many of these accounts will match that of the guarantor.
- Donna and this forum have no affiliation to our service and therefore should be suitable to verify.

Website: Yes its old, but please understand that its been many years since we paid attention to marketing.  It was built in about 2010 and hasn't been updated since 2014 or 2015.  The basics of the info displayed is sufficient for the time being.   Instead of updating it, we will create a new website.

Brokers, LPs and Platforms:  are an element of our strategy and we will not disclose on public forums which brokers we trade at and request clients to respect that.  We trade at many of the same brokers used by retail traders and most on this forum will have an account with at least one of them.  Contact us directly to discuss further, or just join our service as all is fairly straight forward and we will guide you step by step to the most profitable solutions. 

ESMA (EU brokers and residents):  Our team and existing clients are mostly professional status and without such restrictions, however we are here offering our service to retail traders and therefore will do our utmost to ensure you have plenty of suitable brokers to choose from.  We do require / prefer 'full' leverage conditions - please follow our guidance.   There is even a solution for US residents...

Deposit:  Minimum is $10k (or $9k if absolutely necessary), but please if you are high net worth, please don't waste your opportunity by depositing only minimums.  The preferred deposit per account is $20k-50k.

Contact:  Clients receive our Skype (emergency use only as we need sleep) and Email (preferred means of communication).  Clients with at least $100k initial deposit also receive mobile numbers.

Feel free to contact us here on the forum via PM or or


Forex Manager Team

Stats look impressive.
So if performance is averaging 8% pm and performance fee is 50%, then the investor is making around 4% pm??
(Your FAQ shows an example for 20% pm above high watermark. Now it is 50%?)


--- Quote from: diyforexskills on August 06, 2018, 01:56:06 AM ---Stats look impressive.
So if performance is averaging 8% pm and performance fee is 50%, then the investor is making around 4% pm??
(Your FAQ shows an example for 20% pm above high watermark. Now it is 50%?)

--- End quote ---

Thank you.
Please excuse our old website as it hasn't been updated for many years, the statistics page is most likely based off one of our closed PAMMs.  By default the website diverts to myfxbook, however forum rules required a webpage and until the new site is up, this will have to do, apologies.  The FAQ on our Myfxbook should be more accurate and we can add more there if it will help.

Performance:  Your example is correct, but its difficult to estimate our performance on a monthly basis.  Since PAMMs closed we no longer charge a monthly fee, only quarterly or even annually for the long term clients, therefore we have an excuse to request that clients have longer term expectations.  Our strategy requires a lot of patience and persistence, some weeks or months an acc may not experience a single trade, but can still be extremely rewarding over a longer period of time.

An illustration: please take a look at this account   (Note the recent 11% loss on this acc was due to the LP "mistakenly" slipping our order to worst possible price - yes they refunded half of the slippage with a deposit of $3717 (see history), but of course it ruined our pretty graph and statistics)
In just over a year it generated 2000% with 3% DD, however there were many months that barely had any trading activity. 
Our most recent new client joined and even after explaining all this, he still left 2 weeks later after no trades, days before we hit a home run, and won't be allowed back - this also explains why we have for so long stuck with our existing private clients, their internal referrals and of course our own funds.  However the system opportunity is now far too great to not share.

Perf fee: The website FAQ perf fee calculation Example is just that (and should be deleted, again apologies).  The PAMMs were initially around 35-40% fee, made our job easier and allowed smaller investors to join. However our API trading has been at 50% since around 2011 or 2012 when the first PAMM was closed.  It takes a great deal of resources to trade each account separately as we now do, but the positive is that the potential return is substantially greater on a $10k-50k account compared to a $1 mill PAMM.

Hope that answers your question.

Dear Traders, below is more info on how the guarantee works.   Please contact us if you wish to see the latest version of the Guarantee Terms.

How to Join & have our system applied to your trading account:
Please sign our 2 agreements, open an account at 1 or more of our preferred brokers using our chosen IB instructions, fund account, send us login, we countersign the Terms, we trade your account and we invoice you 1-3 times per year for our share of profits.

Deposit Guarantee Overview:
> Its $9k USD (or equivalent) absolute minimum deposit per account as stated in the Terms. 
> The deposit guarantee is limited to $20k USD (or equivalent) per person/entity and for a maximum of 6 months from the Terms Start Date.  The limit of $20k per person is there to allow many to experience our service.
> It may also include ALL the accounts you provide for us to trade within that first 6 months. Therefore you may experience our service with minimal risk concerns. 
> Minimum investment term requirement is 6 months, in order to make this worth our while, as we not interested in short term investors.
> Profit share will be invoiced at the end of the 6 months, or before, but only if the profits are substantial.
> The Total Guarantee is limited to between $200k and $400k, first come first serve ie. our Guarantor's maximum exposure is $400k across all Holders - once the allocation is full, every few months there should be availability again for new Clients to join under the Guarantee. 
> Our Team contains at least 2 self-made-traders (from this same system traded over the last 10+ years) that have the financial means to support such an offer - one of them is providing the official Guarantor Agreement that is held (for your security and our privacy) by the DF Forum owner.

Guarantee - Client Scenario:
If Client were to have say 5 accounts that are added to their signed Terms prior to the 6 months End Date, and they deposited say $20k in each account, their net deposits is then 20k x 5 = $100k in deposits or starting equity traded by us, so their HWM equity is $100k (assuming they make no withdrawals).

Guarantee Example 1 - Payout, trading loss:
Lets assume that after 6 months, at the Terms End Date, and due to our trading losses (highly unlikely, but possible), the Client's total equity has dropped from $100k down to $75k, which would be 25k less than their equity HWM or net deposits.  We would then refund $20k of that $25k loss to the client's bank account, within 1 months of the Terms End Date, as the limit is $20k per person/entity no matter how many accounts or how much in deposits.

Guarantee Example 2 - No Payout, early exit:
If the Client accounts were below equity high and the client chose to either exit our service early or prevent us trading the accounts prior to the Terms End Date, then it will be a breach of the T&Cs and we will not be liable for any losses.  The reason for this is that the minimum investment term is 6 months, which provides us with a fair amount of time to recover any loss.


Forex Manager Team


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