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Please welcome the owner of FX Rich List, who is available on the forum to answer any questions or comments

Rombus Capital:
Fxrichlist is a team of professional traders working together to deliver above average returns .
We aim at being consistent not only in delivering positive returns but also in keeping risks lower

Will be looking forward to answering questions and interact with like minds

Once again i thank you Donna for this great forum


Humble Trader's Fx:
Hello, FxRichList. Welcome to our Forum.

At the first glance of your site, I see that you have the "real" proof which we look for; a real, myfxbook account: You seem to trade every currency under the sun and the gains are out of this world; only achieved in "cent" accounts.

Would you please elaborate on how you have achieved such impressive results?


Indeed, results seem phenomenal so far... But history is short. What is the maximum loss (in pips) you could get with this system?

I used the chat to get some answers and it look like you need to use the recommended broker if you have a balance less than 100K. If you have 100K then you can use your preferred broker. Minimum is 10K.


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