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Hello members.

I would like to offer a copy of my latest book, "Imagination is the way" Author-Elias Leousis ( Revised version-21.02.10)," to members in one of the following countries in which Amazon is available: US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES and IN.  (,,,,,,

To qualify, you a) Must have an account with Amazon b) Only one member from each country (first to request) will be eligible. Please note the offer is for the ebook version; a hardcover version is also available for purchase.

Please visit your country's Amazon account and search for my book, "Imagination is the way. By Elias Leousis." After reading the introduction, you might decide to order a copy all on your own. I would greatly appreciate your sincere evaluation by posting your customer review.

Please send me a "pm" and provide me with your name and email, and I will follow through with my free book.

Humble Trader
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