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Tickmill MAM ORDequity 400% in 5 Month-DD only 22%. More Privilage. More Stable.

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Tickmill MAM ORDequity 400% in 5 Month-DD only 22%

As the topic SAID, we've launch TICKMILL MAM
More Privilage , More Profits

100% Same Results Account as bellow
<a href=""><img alt="widget" src=""/></a>

Here it is the account control
<a href=""><img alt="widget" src=""/></a>
whatsapp or telegram

we only provide copyer or mam / pamm


Growth 400-800%
Greetings all, welcome PROFITS, welcome December

All i got to do is make we all happy
Closing this year with 400% to 800% Capital gain for Alpari client is a blessed Xmast and NYE

Bukcle up, we still had 3 weeks to go before sleep well :)

And This MAM gonna rock the market very soon

well said

Bismillah, it looks like you just doubled your drawdown statistic from the last 6 months, in a single day?

Your risk reward was actually looking decent, until today? What happened?


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