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RULES of this section - Pls Read!!!


1. DO NOT read or contribute to this section of the forum if you are of a nervous or sensitive nature.  This section does not censor or remove arguements/debates so if you contribute here be prepared to stand up for yourself or hear straight-up opinions from others which may not agree with your own.

2. NO affiliate links allowed. Direct plain links are permitted.

3. No advertising or promotional topics allowed.

4. No racist remarks are allowed or personal threats. The open nature of this part of the forum does not mean you can threaten to burn someone's house down, etc.... it is intended for open debate about forex matters only.

5. Swearing is not allowed. If you really must swear for some reason please censor it with *** symbols and keep it VERY limited!

6. If you are a very new trader please consider using the rest of the forum to ask any trading questions to get the best and most sympathetic response and where the topics are carefully monitored and we ensure discussions stay on track and stay friendly.

If anyone has any topics which they'd like to nominate to come over to this section and which they think should be here then let me know. I want to keep the rest of the forum very clean/friendly!

Likewise, if anyone has a burning topic they wish to debate feel free to jump into the flames and start a topic here.

It is OK to create topics here which are duplicates of other topics eg, a FAPTurbo topic if you wish to have a raging debate about FAPTurbo which wouldn't be acceptable in the main forum topic.


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