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General Trading Discussion / Re: How To Trade with just $20?
« Last post by y5nitro on Today at 03:33:57 PM »
I fully support newbies who would like to start with $20. I find it as a good approach. They need some time to feel the market and learn trading, so it is better to put $20 at risk than higher amount. During time they can always increase this amount and switch to other accounts
Managed Accounts & Signal Services / Re: ASP-APT Fund
« Last post by bestscalper on Today at 12:07:59 PM »
Hi, Everyone

I am here to advise a great stable Fund system, ASP-AST, we also call Platinum fund. Auto Strategy Pilot -Any Situation Trading, here is the myfxbook link:

it is a half Million account, the mamanger has great design to control risk and get 30% more incoming, let us review and monitor it.

William from BS team

Give your head a shake. Too bad you found this forum. Spend your time fixing the bot you already peddle. It probably a cent account. It is martingale high risk and will definitely blow! Shame on you for trying to capitalize on members who don't know better. How do you sleep at night promoting this crap that will cost users real money?
I am sure this will not easily translate into Mandarin for you to clearly understand but we will get the point here where it counts.

you can not make a calusion so early, just keen in your mind and monitor the account progress. you will see amazing.

Has "Wed_LiborProtect" and "TradeLimitOrder" been added to mt5 version yet?

yes, it has in MT5 ver 2.3 . it is  online now.
General Trading Discussion / Re: could it be the next financial bubble?
« Last post by drunkfx on Today at 10:48:57 AM »
is it possible to witness another too big to fail moment again?,hope not

oh yes, its coming and not far away.

i sure wish it would not, but with all the free money for years its long overdue.

What's happened with you account bro? I see heavy drawdown of 73% in your history. Wrong trade or trading without stops?
The probability that you lose your account trading without stops is 1. In the long term of course. Of course if you have pretty large equity and small lot you can stay in the trade for a long time and technically you can't lose. But we all use leverage and it increases risks considerably.
also you have to consider this

data analysis may say

ATR 0-60 10% of the time 60-70 22% of the time 70-85 34% of the time etc

so you build a set for each and the EA changes each day according to the value -- what this does is allow you to hit the best TP value every time -- which will shoot up the profit

but additionally the analysis would go a step further

if 3 day ATR cross 8 day ATR and 21 day ATR if the position is not in the money by more than 50 points then close it -- because it warns a SL is very close to end up being triggered

again you could study these scenarios and focus on where the best entry and exit times are by looking at the ATR change itself.... we have the data available but we don't have someone who can analyze it at the depth I need -- nor do we have a programmer to work through including these things.

you say to yourself DB2 why do I need this ?

just imagine if you enter at the best position - you exit at the best position -- your TP is placed perfectly vs what the market is doing and your SL is triggered in case market direction changes unexpectedly

don't you think that your profits would go through the roof ?

anyway this is alot of work to calculate everything and like I said I am doing the best I can with what I have available to me :)
the BB EA on its own won't make money

I made a set file for it that shows to make it profitable but it also suffers from ups and downs.

If I wanted to use that EA - I would buy the package from DIY for $100 and use his controller on it.

the reason being you cannot keep selling a rising market if EURUSD decides to go from here to 1.25 -- you need something to stop it from doing that

in current choppy markets it is fine but trending not so much.

This is part of a big conversation we are having at the moment - on how exactly an EA should trade and adapt itself -- not trade with the same set file as 5 years ago.

anyway that is just my opinion
I know that it will influence the MA crossover series - because many have 220 TP well if daily ATR drops to 40 points - then the chances of hitting a 220 Tp are almost zero -- which is why they need to be changed.

on the other side if the market starts trading ATR 140 a day then well 220 is too tight.

ATR may not be as helpful with scalping EAs because they are more vulnerable to news which wipes them out than a change in daily range -- when your TP value is like 2.4 and your stop is 50 60 70 80 90 100 and you get a gap of 150 well it takes forever to get that back ///  so there is more to it than that .. but ATR is a very relevant measure of what needs to be done.

HT = to me the reason is EA developers are lacking in market knowledge they think like retail traders and not more as analysts in terms of how far things can move and how quickly .. you cannot replace experience unfortunately ... but I self modifying EA is the future - how long it takes to get there I cannot tell you
You have raised a really interesting idea donbon2, by suggesting that volatility (ATR) is correlated to periodicity (MA); at least that is how I have interpreted your comment.
I have not thought that this is the case. ATR to me has influence on tp and sl settings, ie the extent of price movements; but I have always felt that periodicity of MAs was influenced by other factors, not by volatility.
But when I get some time I will now scroll through some lengthy periods of charts over the last few years to see if there is indeed a correlation between ATR and good entries for MA period crossovers.
If there is, it will be easy for me to add a new feature to the Autotrader so that the MA crossover settings are determined by multiples of ATR values.
Then we would be able to satisfy HumbleTraders' desire to have a self-adjusting MA crossover EA.
well basically every EA set files should be modified by a change in market condition which for the most part they are not.

really this is optimized for current ATR levels - if ATR drops then the MA settings need to be narrower as do the SL and TP - if ATR expands then the MA needs to be slower and the TP and SL need to be adjusted.

I have said it 1000% times now - that 10 year backtests are meaningless - it is the current market condition that is more important.

you take volatility factor - optimized for every condition over years - we get a flash crash and it blows up -- the difference between MA crossover and scalper is -- ma crossover you are not betting on reversion so any move like that is in your benefit

what would be more helpful from EA vendors is if they would tell us -- ok this EA does best under these conditions and worst under these conditions -- so you can just take it off when you see the bad conditions and use one that better suits it.

this is why I think MA Crossover actually has more potential than other trading ways -- your risk is always controlled by a modest SL - your upside is substantial and should market reverse it will trade the other side.

on my demo account Ichimoku has been struggling with the tight range - while the MA crossver series has had a few trades get stopped for a few points and not alot of trading as you would expect with almost no EURUSD range for a few days.

all I can say is I am trying my best with the tools available to deliver the best set files possible -- I am not a programmer and while I know what needs to be done - I can't just whip up a custom program myself LOL

ok I am out it is the weekend and jobs to do.

Donebon2, may I wonder out loud and ask a perhaps naive question? Since EA's, can be updated through the Mt4 platform, (Allow external imports, DLL etc.), why aren't developers providing us with dynamic updates which look back 1-2 months of market behavior and adjust the EA accordingly?


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