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Hi everyone,
since I no longer trade, I sell original licenses of the following experts: Forex trend detector; Forex Combo System and Volatility Factor 2.0.
Anyone interested contact me in PM
Greetings to all
Donna Forex Site Discussion, News, & Announcements / Re: Forex Signals
« Last post by Nuadaris on Yesterday at 05:05:22 PM »
And I think that traders need to get used to independent work at once and try to study at least the simplest trading mechanisms on their own.
You should not relax, it's a business, and business requires strength, money and time...
General Trading Discussion / Re: EUR/USD
« Last post by Humble Trader's Fx on Yesterday at 03:08:11 PM »
As I thought, the consolidation continues today too. We'll have to wait for next week for a breakout.

Hello, Eliza.

As a gold trader, I would welcome your analysis, (short term) of gold (XAUUSA) if you can. Every knowledgeable opinion helps.

Forex Cyborg is now available on and we offer now a rent option too.

It's now part of a new product family: "GerFX"
We offer a few high quality EAs under this label.

To celebrate this, we decided to give a huge discount on all EAs for a short period.

You can check out Forex Cyborg at MQL5 here:

All other EAs can be found here:
And the signals of the products are here:

Don't be surprised, that you see there a Forex Cyborg version v2.1. It's same version as v2.02. MQL5 just don't allowed me to use a version number with two digits after the point.
Range Optimisation

A comment in the EURUSD Thread by Eliza Abrams reminded me of a feature I had added to the Autotrader many years ago but have rarely used. She wrote  "Is anyone else getting tired of this range? I hope the NFP tomorrow will end it."

Conventional thought is that most markets range 80% of the time and only trend 20%. But when we choose a period for optimising a strategy we rarely take that into account. And when trading on short time frames it is easy to see why we do that.

But now that I have started trading more on the Daily, we can see that ranges can last several months (as Eliza noted in frustration) and that usually we can see that a new range has developed after the first few weeks or so. So we can optimise over just those first few weeks of a new range and then let that strategy run as long as that range is in place. And then wait for the new range to be established and repeat.

With the Autotrader we can do just that, using the Price Control feature (second image).

True, optimisations are done over a small number of trades, so statistically supposedly not meaningful. But under these special conditions and considering we will only only use such optimised setting for a shortish period, it seems to work. As shown in the first image where I have applied this to the CADJPY.

(I can also deal easily with the intervening trending periods using the latest upgrade to the Autotrader by just shutting down one of the two entry conditions. But that is another story which would be too confusing to explain here.)
It's so nice of you to apologize for such moments. I think it has a positive impact on the reputation of your project.
Donna Forex Site Discussion, News, & Announcements / Re: Removed Posts
« Last post by Nuadaris on July 03, 2020, 04:45:44 PM »
It's right that you check the information.
I've seen forums that just turned into a bulletin board. And they don't turn out to be the most useful resources.
General Trading Discussion / Re: EUR/USD
« Last post by Eliza Abrams on July 03, 2020, 03:32:23 PM »
As I thought, the consolidation continues today too. We'll have to wait for next week for a breakout.
Brokers / Re: LMFX
« Last post by Byte on July 03, 2020, 12:54:15 PM »
I would note that it does not seem like lmfx is regulated in the USA. So they seem to be one of the brokers that are not regulated (or very little regulated) in a region where the country in which they are regulated does not enforce the US rules (most countries seem to do that by now, to avoid conflict with the US).
LMFX might be a good broker, but do not base that judgment on the regulation.
If I am mistaken in how I read the site, please correct me.
Brokers / Re: LMFX
« Last post by donalduck on July 03, 2020, 11:05:36 AM »
from my POV, everything is accepted in US would be more trustful in my eye.
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