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I was demoing IAMfx and I decided to check out JadeFX because Jade had lower commissions than IAMfx. I called Jadefx in Wisconsin. turns out they are located in the Wiscinsin Dells where I used to vacation as a teenager. These guys are institutional traders that formed this forex brokerage firm so they could trade their own accounts similar to the institutions that they worked for. there servers are in Boston next to all the 16 main forex bank feeds. they offer a Vps for traders that puts you within ,1 millisecond from their servers and there servers are <1 millisecond from the main feeds so talk about institutions. There spreads are lower than IAMfx and their commissions are only one half a pip,IAMfx's are like 2.4 pips. On the AUD/NZD pair they are as low as a 4 point spread,Iam's is like 8 points. I am opening live accounts with both IAMfx and Jade Fx and dumping FXDD and FXPRO.


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