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Re: ASTA Signal Service
« Reply #150 on: April 19, 2015, 07:13:53 PM »
Missed the comment on my own thread, so i will copy my statement over from another forum:

Hi Rod,

would run both light and scalp at the same time, because both have their weaknesses (will come to that point later). Both would be running on lower risk, both likely at 0.5xrisk of their master accounts.
When the broker has solved the problem and we continue to trade on the bigger accounts, i will decide what to do. There will be likely some phasing in of pro/plus, while light and scalp will be closed out at once. That assumes both arent deep in the red, because that would cause some very slow phasing in of our higher-end systems.
Point is that light is kind of built out of pro/plus, but made it more simplified, so there is some overlap between those two. Scalp on the other hand follows a different trading approach. Kind of like the one Viper is using -> following the fundamental trend with small positions scalping into the trend direction. That said the point of execution (where the trades are taken) is definitely different. Dont want to dig too deep into that detail.

Regarding your concerns:
1. You are spot on with the characteristic of light. Longer term profitability is the key idea. That is top priority. As long as you are constantly making money (on a yearly basis), everything is ok. That on the other hand makes it ugly in the short term. The fact that it is a detuned version of our higher-end systems doesnt make it better either. On the other hand, +40% within a single year isnt that bad when you zoom out, while you have the safety net of not getting in love with losing trades. When living from trading, you have to make sure that you are in profit over the long term.
2. Scalps equity curve can take dips. Just take a look at it. Some positions in the red within this market correction, but still in the direction of the main trend. When SL is not hit on the positions (some are hard, some virtual), trades could still be closed when the main trend direction isnt that clear anymore. Look at USDCAD. Just closed out several long positions at a small loss. That is the most important information for this system: It does hold losing trades and it does scalp quite a bit, but only in the direction of the underlying trend. If that trend disappears, positions will be closed out, because it doesnt make sense to hold them. Simple as that.

You mentioned a good point. Didnt know the open positions of ASTA scalp are hidden. Will open them up within the next few minutes.

And another post from today:
FYI - the FXPIG PAMM will start trading again, starting with ASTA scalp only on reduced risk. ASTA light is a system with a more long term focus and some investors do not want to see that the account is "blocked" with the lower-end system when our bigger prop accounts continue trading (especially when keeping in mind that the broker should fix the problem in the very near future).

Additionally i have added information to the FAQ section in simpletrader, where you can now take a look at the higher end accounts. Just drop me a message if somethings missing.


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Re: ASTA Signal Service
« Reply #151 on: April 21, 2015, 12:22:46 PM »
thanks prof - replied to you in forexsignals dot com forum as well - good to see the account trading again :)


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