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Ghastly Gurus
« on: February 28, 2016, 11:38:17 AM »
Have you had regular emails from these Ghastly Gurus (GGs)? You know, the ones like this:-

No doubt you have read in the news about the large currency movements
that have occurred in Sterling (GBP) with the impending BREXIT EU
referendum vote adding to volatility. The trading system I use had already
flagged up a sell signals in the GBP a few months ago which we are
profiting from.

The emails arrive (naturally) well after the event, boasting that the GG had of course predicted this event well in advance and has made vast amounts of money profiting from his expertise and predictive ability.

But if you search back through previous emails you will notice that either no such prediction has occurred or the GG has said the price will go up if ... and the price will go down if ... Must have been very painful on top of that sharp fence.

Never have I seen a valid prediction from any of these GGs or any evidence that their supposed expertise is anything but hot air designed to help them sell some kind of advisory or signal service or promote a new binary options broker etc.

Perhaps we could name and shame these GGs here so newbies will no longer be fooled.


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