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Re: Experience with PAMM accounts?
« Reply #45 on: March 03, 2018, 08:38:50 PM »
Opportunis is 4xcp the same thing as JoePro hedge strategy? Or are they different? The myfxbooks are for JoePro and so are the videos.

Im watching some of JoePro's videos and that guy looks just like a paid actor reading scrips LOL. He has a nice performance though I cannot argue with that and it is myfxbook verified even though it is across a few different versions.
Yes, JoePro is CTO there, the PAM has same strategy that Joe trades for over 2 years. I joined him in January with 2x risk this year and than moved to PAM, so I don't have to worry about slippage.

I like the system, it traded over all the chaos out there and the most profit it generated were big events like Brexit or GBP flash crash. Where most traders blow accounts this system excels. They don't care which direction market goes as long as it goes, because all trades have pending hedge orders. The most damage can be done if price stays in the range, but than we just wait it out until it breaks and sooner or later it happens as you know market never stays in same range. The leverage used is so small it's ridiculous. Most of the time it's 1:1, because he splits one trade into 5 parts. So if you have 10k he trades 0.02 lots x 5 at different prices and also pending hedges are adaptive, so you don't get in trouble if price stays in range for a long time, because it notices a range and just doesn't open them or opens them closer to entry so we get out faster, don't know how he does it, but this is proprietary secret so I don't care as long as we are safe and we get profit it is fine to me :) I will ask him to open a thread here, so he can explain in detail if someone will be interested.

Also he is not an hired actor, hehe :) This is his video journal, so people can see his progress over the years and who he is. I like that, because he is showing his face and not hiding behind some anonymous nick like most managers are doing.

It needs to be speedy, i.e. have speed advantage to be profitable during high volatility. Not so many retail brokers can fit this criteria


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