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Chat platform for traders?

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Anybody knows any quality chat platform?
I was thinking to start a live chatroom on Slack but this is mostly for developers, not sure if it is a good fit for traders.

Just read an article on ForexCrunch about echofin, this is a chat platform for traders, looks cool. And this is the Forex related channel:

this is good

At one time I too was looking for the perfect chat, but never found it. That's when I decided - Slack is the best chat where you can create a group, chats, etc, there you can easily exchange pics, share links and send files. It's also got an easy mobile version. But in terms of video connection, there's better than Slack, besides on Slack there's no videoconference. Skype is better for that, it's got conferences and screen demonstrations, but not distance control, like in TeamViewer. As a result, I use three services at the same time. Slack for sending messages and voice calls, Skype for video calls and voice calls, and TeamViewer for remote control.

Isn't it better to use Forum instead of chat room.
To be honest I never join / participate such chats. What are their advantages


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