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Here are 50 ways to make sure you fail

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Here are 50 ways to make sure you fail- seal your fate, and be totally successful at failing.
1. Go for the wrong goals.
2. Give up quickly.
3. Give up when the prize is almost near- when youíre nearing the finish line- just a little bit moreÖ. Tell yourself it wonít work. Give up.
4. Donít give up. Go on doggedly to do what youíve been doing. Donít change. It is what youíre most comfortable with.
5. Donít know what you want.
6. Donít know why you want what you want.
7. Donít want what you want badly enough.
8. Expect not to succeed- after all the statistics show it. Majority do not make it.
9. Give strong enough reasons (excuses) - why you didnít succeed and accept them wholeheartedly.
10. Donít look at the mistake. There never was one.
11. Live in regret.
12. Look at the mistake and then replay the incident over and over again. Relive the painful experience, and drill it into your mind, your subconscious. Until it becomes a part of you.
13. Procrastinate.
14. Worry. Day and night. If you donít worry, you are not working on the problem.
15. Think about the worst outcome possible and focus on it.
16. Donít be grateful for what you have.
17. Do nothing. Depend on someone to come over and help you. Wait for the answer to come or the solution to drop from the sky.
18. Think win-lose. I win, you lose. You win, I lose.
19. Donít learn from your mistakes- repeat them again- there will be better luck next time.
20. Focus on the mistake, analyze till youíre paralyzed, who was to blame for what, and when, and how. Take up all your energy analyzing the past. So that you do not have enough mental energy to think of the future.
21. Be a perfectionist- everything must be perfect before you take action.
22. Donít have to courage to change.
23. Be very fearful. Of trying again. And of failing again.
24. Please others. Make everyone happy except yourself.
25. Donít have a plan. Life is unpredictable.
26. Donít have a vision for your life, your work, your task at hand.
27. Donít dream about your life, what it can be. It cannot be. Life is cannot be so good.
28. Donít set goals. Let the day drift and roll as it comes.
29. Spend your time on the inconsequential things and everything else that grab your attention. The 80% of things that donít matter.
30. Donít stop to analyze or think about which parts of your life matter more than others- the crucial 20% that matter.
31. Focus on the results as final and sealing your future fate and destiny.
32. Wallow in your sorrow. Pity yourself. Exceedingly.
33. Donít take a break. Work and work. Thatís the only way to get out.
34. Take the results of your present life as final. If you have achieved success, rest on your laurels. If have not achieved success, conclude that you will never will.
35. Blame your neighbor.
36. Blame your dog.
37. Donít take care of your physical health. Indulge, enjoy. Let the calories, the nicotine, the alcohol, the grease and carcinogens into your body freely. Life is short. Live for the present.
38. Escape and be addicted to a vice. Escape to a new world where you will never have to face your problems.
39. Mix with the wrong company.
40. Ask the wrong person for advice
41. Blame your childhood.
42. Blame our present circumstances.
43. Blame your boss and colleagues, friends and partner.
44. Blame yourself. And then never forgive yourself.
45. Be angry and resentful. Remember the incident and think you are doing yourself a favor by doing so.
46. Donít trust anyone. Theyíre all unreliable.
47. Trust everyone and get cheated. Then believe theyíre all cheats.
48. Be very discouraged from your failure. There is no point. All is hopeless.
49. Believe that there is no help, no redeeming factor. It is final.
50. To seal it all in, wallow in self pity. Believe you were not meant for anything. Believe youíre a total absolute failure. Nothing works. Nothing ever will .
This is just a starter. There are many more ways to fail successfully. You can probably think of many yourself and decide whether you want to implement them or not.

Good post.

And when you fail you learn one way will be enough to fail, you don't need 50 ways.... :( :( :( :(

very good
thanks for posting

Very interesting list, I even found several mistakes that i myself make...


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