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I want to warn people about this service. I couldn't find any reviews and as I check on the site, I see the system has changed with new pictures and ads. I joined last fall. Back then it was tripletrend 2.0 and cheetah. You pay $249 initially or so for the "method" which was all of a stochastic set at 2 or some nonsense. The rest was just filler and some box drawings with no real technical value. The video was like 30 minutes on a CD. That's it. Then $97 a month for the daily and weekend update alerts. The $97 can be canceled at anytime but you have to pay the $249 initial to get started. So you get recommendations and "actual trades" or closing trades everyday. And a weekend "bottom line" update. Basically you are trading commodities and futures (including currency futures) on a daily or weekly basis. His past "reports" show winnings of $800k in 2008, $400k in 2009, and $200k in 2010. Every trade is documented and listed. However it turned out to be bs. After a month or so I lost 25% of my account! I'm ashamed to say how much as it was my savings because I declined to go into a 401k. Then I continued to try it and lost another 10%.  I finally quit it. The method is to play 1 contract each on a bunch of futures and just wait and see what happens. There were  big, big losses, and the winning rate was 20% while the old "historical" reports were winnings of 70% with big profits outweighing the losers. After I quit, I checked back on the site months later, and saw his REVISED historical records. I noticed trades that weren't there stuffed in from nowhere making the profit curve positive when it was clearly flat and sinking. I entered all the alert trades and results on my personal excel spreadsheets while I was using the service so I found the discrepancies. Now I notice the "cheetah" service is gone replaced with "ruthless". Because "cheetah" lost the most and thus harder to hide the negative profit curve because one would have insert more fake profitable trades. All the historical records show a profit curve of a slope of 50% or higher throughout the whole year. When calculated on my spreadsheet it was actually -20% and getting worse as the months went by! Now I'm firmly convinced those historical profitable records were real price data, but trades made up by looking in the past and pretending to make trades. This guy doesn't know how to trade futures and obfuscates with a bunch of data and alerts to disguise that the whole deal is a scam. I bet all those alert trades were done on a paper account. The site says somewhere that it will help "stop your years of trading pain." Stay the heck away and warn others! It will only add salt to the wounds!

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Thanks hiddenvalley, it is  great of you to warn us about bad  services that are lying and  make people losing money. Tanks 

best regards

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no problem jgadefelth. The average retail investor/trader has no recourse except reputable review sites. The SEC and BBB does nothing about individual trading snake oil websites. FPA is fine except that they have too many fake reviews from the vendor and their shills too.
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