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Re: NetPicks Live Signal Service - Trading Room/Signals
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I was probably unfair with my review so I've modified it (above) and tried to be more fair. The moderators are friendly and personable and do a great job. The quality of the team effort is felt, and Netpicks SST signal service is one of the best trading rooms out there. Recommend a trial highly especially for those relatively new to trading so you can see a trading and money management plan in practice in a consistent and disciplined way.

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Re: NetPicks Live Signal Service - Trading Room/Signals
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Thanks for the update, HV.  I can certainly understand, someone brand new, coming in for the first time, and experiencing this past March, would come out a bit shell shocked.  We did experience a bad month, especially with the Russell eMini (which isn't even fx, of course).  Also of course, the Russell has come roaring back and we're already within site of all new lifetime profit levels again, which we hit in Mid February (since 04/2010).

Let's face it, daytrade ranges have really constricted in most fx markets these days and quite frankly, I believe fx is better suited for swingtrading.  The only reason we keep it in the traderoom is because for some reason, people still want to daytrade forex.  After spread costs and the tight range trade environment we find ourselves in, I think futures offer way better daytrade possibilities.

Anyway, thanks for revising your post.  We do our best to keep our members on the right side of the trade and SST continues to kick butt, for over 2 years now.  Despite the occasional set backs that happen, as with all trading.  We do not make a point to gloss over losses by the way (I don't, and I'm sure you were referring to me -- which is ok), but nor do I dwell on them.  I just choose to take a higher level viewpoint and to focus on the winning EDGE that we have over time vs. the short term difficulties we have to trade through to get there.  I consider we are all responsible adults and that we all do our due diligence before risking real money.  Maybe I give some people too much credit, but that is my approach. 

We were up over +1000 points with the Russell in the first 2 yrs before the one step back we had in March.  But if someone didn't have that bigger picture as a broader perspective, well.. you can see where I'm going with this.  March would have been a rough blow, rather than just a hard kick to the shins.  Bigger perspective traders keep their legs but those without, may have lost them.  We talk about this all the time in the traderoom.


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