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Whom did you want to be in childhood?

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Whom did you want to be when you were 6, 8, 12? What were your dreams about your adulthood?


I don't remember wanting to be anyone in particular, but i do remember falling in love with Jason Donavan when i was about 10 i think (! not sure if i should have said this!) and getting upset that i was too young to ever stand a chance!

Dreams... hmm, i always dreamt i was a professional pianist, because i worked hard on my piano playing when i was growing up and was pretty good at it. I was sure i'd do it for a career when i got older and figured i'd be a music teacher if i didn't get famous.
As a teenager, I got more and more interested in science and medicine, studied biology, chemistry and physics at A-Level at school and really really really wanted to go to Uni to study medicine. We moved house though right before my exams and i didn't get the "perfect" grades i needed to get into uni - got offered a place to study biochemistry instead. Thought my world had ended cos i'd never "failed" at anything before that i wanted to do.

Always was curious about stocks and trading, but never ever for one second thought about it as a potential career, it just didn't enter my radar for some strange reason. If i was a teenager again now i'd definitely go back and take my shot at getting a good finance related degree and then trying to work in London - could still now try i guess but priorities change a bit once you have kids.

I wanted to be a pilot!

Did you achieve your dream ??

Found myself wishing to be a viking, or in Europe in the medieval times, being a knight or something interesting like that. 

Still wouldn't mind being a Viking - hehe.  8)


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