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Re: Ultimate Signals
« Reply #15 on: January 16, 2012, 05:15:26 AM »
Hi aliz,
No need type do much to prove your point, just show us your statement bro... And all will believe you..

You mentioned you earn STEADY 800 - 1000 pips per month in your first post, and now you said you lost money with Ultimate Signals too? You were misleading people to join scam you know..

I don't think you ever traded forex before. But if you ever trade forex you clearly know that you cant always have only winning trades. And my friend, 1000 pips per month in profit can means you have trades with 2000 losing pips and trades with 3000 winning pips in the same month.

And like i said earlier i too lost money because i didn't enter all the trades from the signals, i just entered those that were available while i was not sleeping and watching the signals and in octomber i have lost about 200$ in total. But overall i have profit in my account. And i recomment you to try too.

Good luck with your trading!

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Re: Ultimate Signals
« Reply #16 on: January 17, 2012, 03:22:23 PM »
OK, anyone who's vigilant will see that this topic was removed for a few days. It has been difficult to know what to do about this one so i am reserving judgment and instead will present to you the following facts from which you can draw your own conclusions:

- Ultimate Signals submitted a complaint to me saying that one of our members was demanding money in return for removing positive comments on the forum. They also submitted a legal threat based on this person's forum posting
- Since the member in question had a few posts on the topic i thought it best to remove the entire topic temporarily while i looked into it.
- The member denies sending a message to ultimate signals demanding anything other than a refund which they feel they were due and was surprised at the accusation.
- The member also provided me with evidence to back up their claims which were posted on the site here (ie, what they posted was factual and correct). This is somewhat important since ultimate signals threatened legal action against us (and libel is only permissible if the reports are factually incorrect). They have been happy to co-operate with me and provide information that i requested, including screenshots of their paypal statements showing purchase, screenshots of their trading account showing the loss exactly as they stated, and screenshots of their email account showing multiple requests for refunds with no response.
- Ultimate Signals also provided me with evidence of the demand for money in the form of copy-pasted text in an email. They also gave me two IP addresses, one of which matches our forum member in question. It is hard for me to prove anything either way from this since IP addresses can easily be extracted from most emails so they could have obtained the member's IP from routine communication. If they want to submit further detailed evidence that can prove their case better then i'll definitely reconsider things.

Those are the facts. From a forum standpoint, my aim is to simply make sure that when we have claims threatening legal action, that the posts in question are indeed factual and correct, and if they are not then to remove them. I find that the posts are indeed factual, and are correct, and have evidence to this end. The rest of the drama is something for you to decide.

If any seller on this forum finds themselves in a position where they are being blackmailed or offered positive posts /removal of negatives in return for cash or products,
i'd encourage them to speak to me and to NOT pay out to any demands. I do keep an eye out for this kind of thing. In response to this issue on this topic i will be changing our forum settings so that old posts cannot be modified after a certain time so that this proves an impossible scam to implement if anyone considers it in the future. As far as i know, Ultimate signals have not paid out any cash in this case, and neither has the member in question altered their posts or removed negativity, whilst also proving their posts are factual and correct, so we are all good moving forwards.

On a personal note speaking from my own point of view, i'm shocked at the stats being claimed on their sales page. The website barely registers on Alexa rankings yet they are claiming 150k unique pageviews/month and a 240k list. To get things in pespective, consider that here at donnaforex we get just under 150k unique pageviews per month for real (verified google analytics), and around 1 million pageviews, and our Alexa ranking is usually above 60k and we have a pretty solid presence and history on Alexa ( vs ). Ultimate Signals barely seems to register on there. I know Alexa isn't always that accurate, it certainly isn't spot on for recording our stats (it underestimates if anything), but i'd expect to see something more for a site of the magnitude that they suggest.   For comparison too re the 240k list, i'm not sure where they got their list from, perhaps they paid for it, but i believe this is around the same figure that very large scale internet marketers like FAPTurbo guys, and Megadroid guys (they have many more products than just those btw) have.... and we all know how keenly they make their presence felt, you can't miss them when browsing around the forex world online. Our member base is only 10,000, with only roughly two thirds of that number actually subscribed to the mailing list.

For the record, i am not stating the above as fact, just my opinion when comparing it to my own website. I believe they probably really do have a 240k list and maybe even the pageviews they say, i just have no idea where they are actually coming from. I think it is important that people know the actual figures involved in web based forex businesses before splashing out on buying such a proposition blindly, the reality is that to cultivate a very high quality list in the correct way on a large scale would be extremely time consuming and involve a huge web/email/social media presence. Due diligence is so important if considering buying an online business. Actually i don't know why people would even buy one at the lower end of the scale like this, simply start your own, it's much cheaper - just doesn't come with the hype and promises.
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Re: Ultimate Signals
« Reply #17 on: January 18, 2012, 12:06:43 PM »
...Due diligence is so important if considering buying an online business. Actually i don't know why people would even buy one at the lower end of the scale like this, simply start your own, it's much cheaper - just doesn't come with the hype and promises.

The seller is now banned.   ::)


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