Author Topic: Copying MT4 Forex S&P signals to futures (Trade Station)  (Read 2548 times)

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Copying MT4 Forex S&P signals to futures (Trade Station)
« on: April 09, 2012, 06:49:56 AM »
As a U.S. resident I am not allowed to trade S&P 500 on MT4.  However, I can trade S&P 500 futures via Trade Station.  Does anyone know of a trade copier which would enter a futures trade when MT4 demo account generates a signal?  I figure that MT4 could create a special file with active trade information and TradeStation could read the file via Easy Language and generate its own signals.  Since the prices of S&P 500 on MT4 would be different than those on Trade Station, there would be a bit of "shifting" of the prices.

Certainly MT4 broker prices will not move in lockstep with futures prices, but I am sure that if they get way off, the arbitrage players would soon move the markets back in sync.  (If not, maybe there is an opportunity there.)

I am thinking of using an MT4 signal service which has a 3.0 point average profit, which I think could be enough to overcome trade entry delays, commissions, and price differences.  (For clarity, the S&P 500 closed Friday at 1398 points.)

The trade copier doesn't have to copy to Trade Station, but that is the only platform that I know of that has "robots" for futures (Easy Language).

Actually, if anyone has ideas how to legally get around the U.S. restriction on trading S&P 500 via MT4, I would be interested (e.g. contracting with a U.K. person who does the trading, such as the U.K. equivalent of a commodity trading advisor, forming a partnership with a U.K person, getting a post office box in the U.K., etc.)  Moving to England is out, for the moment.  Again, only interested in legal options.


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