Author Topic: Turkish regulator to sue binary options brokers and block their websites  (Read 1414 times)

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Ever since Turkish regulator CMB (Capital Markets Board) blocked forex brokers from soliciting local clients without getting a local license many of them have simply shifted to offering binary options which they thought werent of interest to CMB.

CMB however had different view on this matter and has moved quickly to cumber the excessive binary options marketing to Turkish clients.

CMB published the following document mentioning that it deemed several binary options brokers as committing a crime and will sue them as well as require local ISPs to block access to these websites for Turkish citizens.

CMB named: (IP No: (IP No: and (IP No: (IP No: vopsiyons website was taken down and CMBs warning was published on it, all clients are asked to withdraw their funds. This is probably the (IP No: and (IP No: another broker based in Turkey it site is now inaccessible, potentially its server was taken down by CMB as well
It seems CMB is taking this matter very seriously and renders binary options as non-financial market instrument hence categorizing it as a gambling product. CMB already filed complaint with local prosecutor and is going after these brokers and potentially after others as well.



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