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What inspires you to trade?

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I am wondering what others goals are why they are trading of course the first thing that come for some is money but? To make it fair you can state it here what inspires you to trade.

I don't trade manually
But I love money, I love IT, I love computers, I love news, so Forex and EAs are a best for me! I enjoy a lot spending time here, in my VPS, on myfxbook, loooove that !

And I can do that from everywhere, no boss, nothing !

Of course it is the money. I am trading, because I want to make money, and because I don't want to get the 2% p.a. that my bank would offer me. And of course somewhere on the horizon is the dream of retiring based on trading, that probably most people have ... But let's keep it realistic for now ;)

I never really understood those people trading demo for years. While it can be fun to trade, I would not have the time to just play around. I need some returns from the time I invest into trading, and I do invest quite some time counting all the nights and weekends and even holidays I spent and spend in front of the PC for this. But yes, in some way I of course enjoy the active involvement and the excitement of trading, even though earning money is supposed to be boring. It is actually quite satisfactory to see the work you put in your portfolio to turn into profit, compared to the anger of blown accounts. It's both part of this game. 

To be fair, my day-job allows me to take some risks and use some risk-capital that I could afford to lose worst case. If that wasn't the case, I would probably take a slightly different approach.

This is also an interesting point.

I've read a couple of posts regarding this and some of the people put their all life and faith to this as the only option to make money and provide better life to their family.
Most of them are desperate and risking money that they should not.

I think this way of thinking is very bad, and these people are the victims of this industry, but mostly of their own lack of knowledge, as they think forex as a miracle and not a serious business investment, what you have to learn and understand.

As for myself, I started to trade and learn forex because I have a job very far away from home, and it gives me 2 thoughts.

1. Now I have money to invest.

2. I would like to find the way how to make income without working thousands of kilometers away from my family.


that sums it up for me.


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