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Swap rates for long term strategies
« on: May 17, 2019, 02:59:26 AM »
A lot of comments are made about which broker has the best spreads. Important issue for scalpers. But not so important for long term trading.

For long term strategies, where trades can last many tens of days, large negative swaps are a far more important issue.

And when you make some comparisons, the differences can be huge as shown in the image. The best of the seven analysed for the pairs shown is GoMarkets with whom you would lose the least from negative swaps. The worst is Global Prime followed closely by Darwinex where your profits would be eroded by the large negative swaps.

Interestingly all seven brokers have negative swaps for both Buys and Sells for AUDNZD; and Tickmill has positive swaps for both Buys and Sells for AUDJPY. Wish they were all like AJ.

Brokers might say that the swap rates are outside of their control because they are set by the liquidity providers (LPs). To which the answer would be, renegotiate and/or change LPs. Synergy did that when challenged and are now quite reasonable. Guess we just need to challenge the others.
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