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Over the past 6 years I purchased a number of Russ Horn systems, the first one being 'Forex Master Method. There are a number of very good indicators associated with these systems - a few of which I have been using up until 01 March 2019. The one indicator in particular requires authentication and it simply stopped working this month - error message - contact support. Before contacting support I tried to login to the members are and was surprised to see that I could not access the site. I then tried accessing the members areas of the other systems only to discover the same thing - site is not working or has been discontinued.
I have been communication with for the last 3 weeks - I send an email - I might get a response - they sometimes open a ticket which is then closed the next day, They ask me things like - proof of purchase, email address used to make purchase, user name and password and even the link I tried to login with. I have supplied all and to date they have not given me any answers whatsoever.
Has anybody experienced similar problems with Russ Horn and his teams systems? I paid a lot of money for these systems and I am entitled to the info and indicators contained therein.
Anybody able to offer any advice please. Thanking you in anticipation. Kevin :( >:(


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