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Unauthorised advertising crackdown: Brokers pls read
« on: December 21, 2016, 08:35:25 AM »
Over the years, we have gradually got more and more lax with some of our rules. As you might have noticed, some broker topics are now becoming ad boards.

I have actually removed banner advertising from our site entirely because  (1) it detracts from the forum look/experience, and (2) it doesn't provide a good return for either the advertiser or for the forum. The last thing i want is ads added back in again from sellers looking for a free ride.

As from now:

1. NO BANNERS, NO PROMOTIONAL IMAGES within forum topics.
2. No copy/paste marketing.. if it looks a robot could have posted it, it will be removed.

But you CAN DO:

a. Engage with our readers in discussion, answer questions and comments and generally contribute to the forum being a good place to 'talk'. If people see you doing this and you are good at it, you will get new customers from donnaforex, a number of brokers have done very well from just this.

b. You can even post info about your latest promotions or offers IF IT IS PART OF DISCUSSION. This means no "copy/paste" jobs, make your offer part of the natural flow of the forum and relevant to the discussion.

IF YOU ARE A NEW BROKER AND WANT TO PARTICIPATE: contact me for a proper introduction to the forum, i'll create a topic for you to post on. Note that discussion on the forum can be both positive and negative and our users are free to post their opinions either way.

Contact Donna on or via PM.
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