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Re: Z Trader FX EA
« Reply #60 on: Yesterday at 05:15:16 PM »
I am also interested in seeing what happens with the very long-term trades,

I have a couple of trades that date back to just after I started this EA (March 21) and have accumulated lots of negative swap and are, of course, in big negative-pip territory. I have also been experiencing much higher floating DD (up to 35%) than is published in the vendor account.

Did those trades dating back to March 21 ever close?
Yes those high swap trades closed between Jun 5-Jun 10 for a total of a 7.09% equity drop but this account  has more than made up for the difference in the meantime, 8.94% return in Jun and so far 10.87% return in Jul. Check 'rsmereka4' FXBlue account in my signature. This EA has high floating DD (20-40%) but it is averaging ~9% per month.

did you by chance run a backtest for the time you have run it forward,

= to see if it matches half way decent ??

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Re: Z Trader FX EA
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No, I have not run a backtest,

A backtest (even based on tick data) is not as accurate as live/real money performance. In addition to my live/real money account, there is also the vendor's live/real money account. I am comparing the performance of my account in terms of the vendor's account. In terms of this, my account has a higher rate of return (supposedly same risk level) but not quite as high pip production (my account has produced ~100 pips lower than the vendor account).

Bottom line, after slightly more than four months, I am happy with the return although the floating DD is high.

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Re: Z Trader FX EA
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thanks rs,

i have seen this recently quite a few times where bt is not even close to forward, but of course forward is what really matters.
just makes me wonder how one can develop this when all we have is mt4 backtest to come up with whatever strategy.

with mine i was lucky it matched forward to the t.

sure do not quite understand this. so keep making green pips.


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