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Both longer accounts and new hot accounts/strategies to show you.

OTB Low Risk master account -- #41 at SignalStart -- 18 months track record -- consistent new equity highs

NEW OTB High Risk account attracting more attention now -- #4 at SignalStart -- 4 months track record -- trading like the old days when I was excited about having developed my own strategy that has a real proven edge in the markets.

NEW DARWIN (Dynamic Asset and Risk Weighted Investment)
A Darwin is a financial asset based on a trader (or automated strategy) trading at Darwinex. As an investor you can buy and sell DARWINs just like you would trade stocks. Each DARWIN has a certain value when you buy it, and depending on the performance of the trader who provides the DARWIN, the value will go up or down. Behind the scenes, each time the DARWINs trader places a trade, Darwinex opens or closes a trade in that asset on behalf of investors, given what they have calculated to be optimal risk to minimise Drawdown and maximise Profit. Each DARWIN starts from 100 at inception and the price updates every 30 seconds based on the performance.

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