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Hi Edlomax - given the relative complexity of your service one weeks trial seems very short and tends to suggest you are not overly confident in your if you could provide 6 months double-digit growth live account performance verification records it may be justified;) The other issue I have is that there are bots/signals able to generate decent returns(20%+) for little or no effort you need to be able to justify your premium offering...

Let me address some of your concerns:

If you are currently using a group of bots/signals that are bringing you good results for little or no effort, I agree, my service is not for you.

As far as the complexity of the service, I'm not sure I understand.  The service is quite simple.  Subscribers login round 5 PM to 5:30 PM to see if there are updated signals.  If there is something to do, they can perform the action on their account.  So you are correct, this is not an autotrading scenario, but I don't think it is that complex.

As far as the trial is concerned, the purpose of the trial is for potential subscribers to look around, see how the signals are delivered and figure out if the trading time is convenient for them.  The trial is not so people can trade the signals for 6 months and see how much money they can make before deciding.

The FOCUS of the service is to treat each account as a business, have GOALS and grow trading business to any income level desired over time by achieving those goals.  These are not short term, monthly goals, but overall yearly goals.  So, this is a long term approach.

For example, this is what happened with one of my signals packages in 2018:

I know a lot of people like to really dissect the trading performance and look at weekly and monthly stats.  But what is really important for me is running my businesses (trading accounts) and reaching my YEARLY goals.

I will be sharing what is going on over at Darwinex for the 2R Forex signals in the future.  But since I am trading off the Daily charts and not taking a ton of trades all the time, I wanted to wait until there is some more stats to make everything make sense.  But here is an example of what has been going on so far:

Even though I have positive results, I have not even made this Darwin active yet because I want more statistical data.  Maybe in 3-4 months or so.  Then there will be an autotrade option out there for people who want things done on autopilot.

I am confident in my trading strategy and signals over the long term.  This is why I trade my own money on live accounts and have a business growth plan in place.  You can learn more about the business building aspect of what I am doing at the site:

Hope this helps.
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While 2018 indeed ended with a profit all of that happened in the first months of the year. After that there was just stagnation. At some point there were as many as 11 consecutive full losses (with 2 break even trades).

This is predominantly some kind of breakout trading is it not?


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