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« on: October 20, 2019, 11:06:27 AM »
The GBP is completely unstable because of everything we know, anyway I'm Bullish as I believe in currency appreciation.
In the midst of all this volatility will still be great and everything is very dependent on what will happen over the next few weeks.
The market opening tonight is going to be with a big bearish GAP at GBPUSD, around 150-200pips, so I can figure it out right now, so after opening it will be time to enter Long.
Putting the tp at 1.31700 and another at 1.32740, this last trade I have not launched yet because my system will only do it when the 1st tp is reached, but I take the opportunity to draw the objectives.
There is a falling resistance at 1.32200-1.32300, however this does not mean that it does not reach the target of 1.32740 and then retreats below the resistance.
This pair has another strong resistance at 1.33500 approx, so it will be a pull-back point to continue to rise at 1.43750, but it won't stop here, it will continue. But we will talk about that later.


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