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Software for strategy optimization
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Dear forum community,

Please, share your opinion regarding strategy optimization tools. Does anyone use such tools to figure out optimal parameters for indicators-based strategies?

I have a chance to be engage in the development process of one tool intended to assist traders seeking for improvement of their strategies. The idea is to utilize AI-based approach to reduce the number of combinations checked this will help to save time. Actually, as in many other spheres, we do not need to check each possible option it is enough to check a random set of options, make a quick search nearby each of them, and then choose the best option among them. We use the same approach when making any choice in our day-to-day life, so it was obvious to follow the same way in trading.

So, the idea itself is quite simple: we create a list of all possible combination, and then the AI-based algorithm chooses a few of them to backtest using historical data. Depending on the backtesting data, the algorithm will tighten the circle searching for the best combination.

Kindly share your opinion regarding this. Would you like to have a tool like this? If yes, what features it should have?
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