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Do you believe in forex?

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Many people don't believe in forex. They think it is scam.
But I do believe in forex as it is a money making machine and it is a real business throughout the world.
Do you believe in forex?

I don't think any of us would be here for more than a few weeks if we thought forex was a complete scam. Not sure how you can label a whole industry which you can very obviously see as a 'scam'... individual products or brokers may be scammers but forex as a whole is just a financial market and not a scam, how else does anyone exchange money whether they are going away on holiday or are businesses doing international transactions?

Yeah , i do. I earned huge amount of money form forex. It's a best way to earn money.

For everyone who think that forex is scam or is not true, I suggest to read the history about this market. At the beginning it was marketplace used only by big corporations and funds.

For the people that thinks Forex is a scam, perhaps he/she has trade with a wrong broker, or perhaps has treating broker as another casino. Without learning how to trade, but instead they gamble their money by hoping this will go up and that will be go down. Those kind of attitude won't earn you money. And you still mark Forex as a scam? Who to blame then? Self or other?


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